Bay Housing
2014 Cromwell Dr, Norfolk, VA 23509

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13th Bay Street
Norfolk, VA
East Ocean View
In the heart of the revitalized East Ocean View.  Walk to beach, to shopping strip (pizza, laundry mat, and restaurant) one block away.

9610 13th Bay St
Units:  16 oversized two-bedroom units; one very small efficiency.

Size:  950 square feet.

9617 13th Bay St
Units:  6 two-bedroom units.

Size:  850 square feet.

9623 13th Bay St
Units:  12 one-bedroom units.

Size:  625 square feet.

9626 13th Bay St
Units:  4 one-bedroom units; 4 two-bedroom units.

Size: 570 square feet for one bedroom and 750 square feet for two

All Properties
Utilities:  We pay water & sewer; you pay electricity.

Laundry:  One block away.

Parking: Off-Street

9610 13th Bay St

9617 13th Bay St

9623 13th Bay St

9626 13th Bay  St 
Maintenance man is nearby

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